Marba Capital has a large experience in the business world, being present in this field for more than 20 years.

At the moment, the company operates and offers its services in Romania, Italy, Switzerland, UK, Dubai and China.

We have bulid strategic partnership with companies from all this countries, so we are capable to register companies in 6 countries.

Each country has its own set up rules, if you decide to open a company in one of this countries, the first step would be to inform you about the registration rules of a company from that country, the taxes that the country applies, to consult with our specialist and to decide if it matches for the business that you want to develop.

Incorporating a proper structure is the main thing to keep in mind when you want to start a new business or want to optimize an existing business.
In most cases, tax optimization, tax cuts, taxes in general are sought.

Structures: Offshore, Ltd, Llc, Llp, Trust Offshore, Offshore Foundation.(more informations about this types of companies, read our blog/news)