Doing business in 2018 means to update daily your business knowledge and constantly to improve your business strategy.

Internationalization is the process of increasing involvement of enterprises in international markets.

Internationalization can be a long way to your service or product improvement, but the results may be on expected measure.

Business internationalizing is the a very important field of business services in this year, is the 2018 challenge.

The election to penetrate a new market outside your land is a courageous goal, and if is well structured and respects a established strategy, it can be a profitable goal.

Professional advisory, specialized collaborators and performing services, are some of the resons why customers choose to do the internationalization process with Marba Capital.

The formulation of an internationalization strategy involves several phases:

  • analysis of external data and company potential
  • determining the international objectives of the enterprise
  • studying strategic alternatives
  • the elaboration and realization of the internationalization program

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